Reviewer Privacy during the Peer Review Process on Morressier

Morressier keeps your personal details confidential and they are not visible to other users on the platform with regards to the papers you are assigned to review.

Reviewer details are not shared with any of the Authors or any other external parties.

Once the Organizer has added you as a Reviewer, you will receive an email from Morressier inviting you to the platform. Click Accept Invitation and you will be taken to the Morressier site.

Morressier asks that you register for an account so that you will be able to see the papers that will be allocated to you by the Organizer.

All users must register for an account in order to be a part of a conference.

Furthermore, a professional email address is asked in case you want to verify your affiliation on Morressier, however, it is not mandatory, and you can choose to use a personal email address instead.


After registering for an account or signing in, you will need to select which topic(s) selected by the organizer that you wish to review.


Once you complete the registration, the dashboard will be empty, which means that the Organizer has not yet assigned you any paper to review. As soon as they do, it will appear in your dashboard, and you'll receive an email notification about it.


When a paper is assigned to you, make sure you do not add any personal information to the review itself, as Authors and Organizers will see this.


If you need further support, please get in touch with us using the chat icon in the bottom right corner or email us at