A Poster or Presentation Submission is Missing from My Account

Some of my documents/submissions are missing. How can I find them?

If you think you were supposed to have more documents (Abstracts, Presentations/Posters, or Papers) than what appears in your account, here is what you can do.

If it’s a Poster/Presentation Submission, the following scenarios are possible:

  • The missing document was registered with another email of yours.
    In this case, please log in with the other email address, and add your current email address in the Co-Authors' section on the submission page.

  • The missing document was registered with another member of your team.
    In this case, please ask your team member to add you as a Co-Author on the submission page.


If it’s an Abstract or Paper submission, or you need any further assistance, please get in touch with us using the chat icon in the bottom right corner or email us at support@morressier.com.