Auto-Assigning Reviewers to Papers

How to use our automated assigning in your peer-review process

You can use our 'Auto-Assign' feature to conduct your review process. This can be especially helpful when dealing with a large number of papers or reviewers.

To do this, enter the 'Papers' tab in the back office for your event. Here, you will see the submissions listed on the left-hand side and the reviewers listed on the right.

Above the list of reviewers, you will see the blue 'Auto Assign Reviewers' button:

This will bring up a pop-up box showing the number of topics, papers, and accepted reviewers. When you are ready, you can click 'Start' to begin this process.


Note - you should use this feature once most of your reviewers have accepted their invitation to participate in your conference, as this feature can only be used once per conference.


Here, you will be presented with a more detailed breakdown on the papers in your event. You will see the topics listed on the Right hand side, the number or papers within each topic (1) and the number of reviewers with that topic selected as an area of expertise (2).


Note - papers that you have already made a decision on will not be included in the Auto-Assign Reviewers feature.


You will also see the minimum number of reviewers you have chosen for each submission (3). The review settings are linked, in case you would like to adjust this.


You will also see any topics where the minimum number of reviewers have not accepted. A warning message is displayed to you, as shown, but you can still continue with the auto-assign process despite this.



By clicking 'Next' at the bottom of this page, you will be taken to our systems automatically generated distribution of papers.


You can click 'Open' under any topic to find the list of papers under this topic, with the reviewers assigned to it.


Here, you will see each paper by title, and the reviewers our system has 'suggested'. The auto-assignment will distribute the papers as evenly as possible amongst the accepted reviewers. However, as the conference organiser, you can make any changes to the suggestions. You can change a reviewer, by using the drop down menu:


You will see the reviewers who have selected this topic as an area of expertise first, and then all the other reviewers listed after.


Some reviewers will show a warning, and you will not be able to assign the paper to them. This will be because of one of the following reasons:

  • The reviewer is already assigned to this paper

  • They have already declined to review this paper

  • They are a co-author of this paper

  • Their deadline to review has passed

Note - for how to extend the deadline for reviewers, you can find help here.


On this page, you will also find topics that have less than the minimum number of reviewers you have set. They will appear in the Unassign and Partly Assigned tabs at the top of the page here:


As not enough accepted reviewers have listed these topics as an area of expertise, you will need to add any other reviewers you wish to add to these papers. They do not have to have selected this topic to be assigned to it. You can do this, as before, by selecting from the list of available reviewers from the drop down menu:



When you are happy with your assignment of reviewers, you can click 'Next' at the bottom of this page. 


Here, you will find a summary of the distribution of papers, You will see the number of papers assigned to each of the accepted reviewers:


When you are ready, you can click 'Confirm Assignment'. This will send out an invitation email to each of the reviewers, letting them know that they have been assigned paper(s) to review, and giving them information on how to do this.


Once the reviewers have submitted their feedback, you can make decisions on papers and notify the authors of this. For guidance on this, you can find help here.


If you need further support, please get in touch with us using the chat icon in the bottom right corner, or email us at