This article is for Posters and Presentations only. This does not apply to a Call for Papers.

Uploading steps

  1. Log into or click the link in the 'invitation to upload' email.

  2. Go to My Submissions on the left-hand panel, select the Presentation Material tab and hit 'submit' alongside your submission title or presentation.

  3. Follow the upload steps:

    • Upload your Document/Poster (pdf) and any additional datasets

    • Add or edit your Abstract

    • Add a Video Presentation

    • Invite Co-Authors

    • Complete Submission

Upload issues?

Our system is designed to alert you if you are submitting a file that is invalid.

In some cases, the file you are trying to upload may need to be revised.

The most common upload issues are:

  • You uploaded a PPTX file instead of a PDF. Please save your file as a PDF first, and then try uploading that instead.

  • Your file was converted improperly into a PDF, try to re-save/re-upload.

  • Your Document does not meet the guideline requirements.

  • You are uploading into the incorrect field

If you need further support with your upload, please contact us at [email protected].

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