With your event open, head to the Papers tab. In the dashboard at the top of the page, you can see the papers which have been submitted, what stage they are at, and what tasks are outstanding for the assigned reviewers.


  • Unassigned - the paper has not yet been allocated to the minimum number of reviewers.

  • Assigned - the paper has been allocated to the minimum number of reviewers.

  • In Review - the paper has been reviewed by at least one of the assigned reviewers; for example, if you selected two reviewers and only one of the reviewers has finished reviewing the paper, it would show as 1 In Review.

  • Once a paper has been reviewed by all assigned reviewers, the Reviewed number will be updated.

  • Decided - you have made a decision whether to accept or reject the paper.


  • Pending - the reviewer has not yet accepted the invite to review yet.

  • Accepted - the reviewer has accepted the invite to review, but has not been

    assigned any papers to review yet.

  • Assigned - the reviewer has been assigned a paper or papers to review.

  • In Progress - the reviewer has finished some but not all of their reviews.

  • Completed - the reviewer has finished their reviews.

Inviting Reviewers

There are two ways you can invite reviewers, either at the bottom of the Paper Review Settings page or on the Papers page which opens up the box below:

Here you can enter in a deadline for the reviewers - this can be different to the default deadline you entered when setting up the Call for Papers if you want to give particular reviewers different deadlines. Enter in as many names and email addresses as you would like and click Next. On the next page you can amend the template which the reviewers will receive, and you can preview the email before clicking Send.

Once the reviewers accept the invitation by email, we need to assign papers to the individual reviewers.

Using the topic information provided by the author and the reviewers, check the corresponding tick boxes in the left hand column, then click on the reviewer you want to assign the papers to. A number on the reviewer’s image will show how many papers that reviewer still has to review.

If you need to change the deadline for a particular reviewer, you can click on their image and amend this here. The deadline will show up on the reviewer’s dashboard when they log in. Reviewers can only see the papers you have assigned to them, they can’t see all of the papers submitted.

Once a paper has been reviewed by all reviewers, your dashboard will update automatically and the status will change to Reviewed. You can see the feedback and score left by the reviewers by clicking on the paper and then choose one of the options in the dropdown box under Decision. Authors will only be made aware of the decision once you have clicked Notify Authors. The status will then change from Reviewed to Notified and the author will receive an email with the outcome.

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