Important Information About Institutional Computers and Internet Connections

We strongly recommend that you not use institutional or company computers or internet connections. Institutional and company laptops and internet connections oftentimes have specialized privacy and permissions settings that can only be updated by the institution's IT department.

Such settings include preventative measures and firewalls which prevent the Morressier platform from utilizing the camera or microphone, and from allowing the user to share their screen. Therefore, we recommend presenters and chairs make use of their own personal laptops or computers.

Audio, Video, Microphone, Screen-Sharing

Ensure that your computer has the correct camera, audio, microphone, and screen-sharing functions and access settings.

Your laptop's built-in camera and microphone will the default setting, and we recommend keeping this setting rather than utilizing any external hardware.

For desktop setups, external webcams and headsets with microphones can be used. If a user does not have an external webcam or microphone, they should not use a desktop.

Please use headphones where possible to minimize background noise and remain on mute when not speaking. If safe to do so, please remove face masks when talking, also.

Non-Laptop Devices and External Screens

External screens (i.e. monitors connected to your computer or laptop) should not be used as they do not have proper camera, microphone, or audio inputs, or screen-sharing capabilities.

Non-laptop or non-desktop systems, such as phones, iPads, or Microsoft Surface RTs, are not yet fully compatible with the platform, and should also be avoided.

Settings and Permissions

Each presenter and chair must allow their browser and permission to use their camera and microphone and to also record their screen in order to participate on the platform.

Test Your Equipment

It is the responsibility of all presenters and chairs to test any equipment in the days before the meeting starts. The backstage area will be available the week before the start of the conference, and there presenters and chairs will be able to test their functions and equipment.

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