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Chair Instructions:

  • Check your technical setup/read the technical guidelines.

  • Make sure to use the newest version of Chrome as your browser; other browsers are not supported, nor are tablets or mobile phones.

  • Sign in to the Morressier platform via the invitation email link provided or at morressier.com

  • Navigate to the left sidebar, click on ‘My conferences’

  • Once on the conference page navigate to your session

  • Hit 'join backstage' in the top right corner of your session

  • Allow the Morressier platform to access your browser video and audio

  • Activate your microphone, camera, and test your screen sharing

  • Check and test controls for moving to and from backstage to the main stage

  • On the day of the conference, arrive at least 15-30 minutes before the session start

  • Greet speakers and practice moving them to stage using the settings, accessible by the 3 dots beside their name

  • Familiarise yourself with the start/stop stream and start/stop presentation controls.
    You must start each individual presentation within a session.

  • Remember to 'stop participating' when a speaker is presenting. You cannot be seen or heard when in this mode

  • Keep to the presentation times

  • Preparation is key - make sure you know the content and program as set out by the conference organizers

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I cannot find my invitation email, how do I log in?
    Contact us through our support chat on the bottom right corner.

  • I want to invite all speakers on-stage for a panel discussion, is that possible?
    Yes, you can move all speakers using the '3 dots control, and re-starting/continuing the presentation to keep the Q&A active

  • Is it possible to go back to previous presentations to see the Q&A?
    Q&A is only visible on an active presentation. Previous questions appear after the videos are processed and can be answered by text if they did not make it into the live discussion.

    Need more information? Please see this in-depth guide

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