You have the ability to add videos to your poster, as easily as adding a photo or a graph to your PowerPoint file. Please refer to the strict guidelines at the bottom of this article, which are also included in the guidelines you received as a submitting author.

If you are scheduled to present your poster, the above is what you will be using. Please note the following:

• You may tap the video to begin playing it; to replay the video, simply tap it again
once it has finished playing. The video remains in place even when zooming in and out of the poster

Technical Requirements

• Max. 1 video per poster
• No sound support
• Max. 40MB video file
• Accepted formats: .mp4, .mpg, .mov, .avi

Please place the video right onto the poster in PowerPoint. If your ePoster has a video file, please make sure to email the PowerPoint file to [email protected] to ensure that it is properly processed. If your ePoster does not have a video, please upload a .PDF file instead.

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