Poster Overview


  • The iPad app contains all conference content, allowing delegates to browse the posters at their own pace.
  • Posters are sorted by keywords, institution, and scientific category.
  • Tapping a poster will take you to a preview of the poster along with the co-authors.
  • The 2nd screen is also always scrolling through the full roster of posters.

Poster View

  • Having tapped a poster from the overview, the poster will be shown in-full on the connected 2nd screen.
  • Continue navigating through the content by scrolling through the poster collection.

Poster Zoom

  • Use pinch motions to zoom in and out to highlight the different parts of the poster
  • This feature is especially useful when doing presentations so that you can focus on the parts of the poster you're presenting, and engage a larger audience who may want to get a closer look at the poster.
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