It is imperative that you follow the guidelines set by the conference.

With ePosters, there will be ePoster Terminals rather than the Poster Boards you might be used to. Please refer to this article to see what our ePoster Terminals may look like at the conference.

The poster orientation specified in the guidelines is the same orientation that the TV screens will be set to at the conference. Please refer to the diagram below:

As you can see, if you upload a Portrait Poster to a Portrait Orientation Conference, your ePoster will fill the entire screen. However, if you upload a Landscape Poster to a Portrait Orientation Conference, the aspect ratio will remain the same, but white space will be created to make the poster fit, which may not be optimal. The same applies vice-versa.

Please note that your ePoster will still be displayed and will be able to be presented at the conference.* However, we highly recommend that you recreate your ePoster in the correct orientation if it has not been uploaded that way already.

*Some conference organisers are very strict with their guidelines, and posters in the wrong orientation may be disqualified from receiving awards and in some cases even removed from the programme.

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