At the end of the ePoster submission process, you'll be asked if you consent to have your poster made publicly available or not. Below, you will find details on what that means.

We believe that many researchers desire open-access information, and we have built a platform to support this movement. Nevertheless, we fully respect an author's wish to keep his/her work private. In other words, submitting authors are free to choose to keep their poster private.

Will this affect my ePoster presentation at the conference? 

Not at all. At the conference, your ePoster will be loaded onto our iPad app, and you will be able to use all of the built-in presentation features. However, the ability to have your poster shared or downloaded will be disabled, which may reduce the exposure of your research. Additionally, your poster will not be hosted on the Morressier platform.

If you decide to make your ePoster public, however, you become part of the movement towards open-access research. Your work will be able to be shared digitally with those who are interested in what you have achieved, and you will ultimately have a greater impact in your field (and in others as well).

At the end of your ePoster submission, you will have two choices:

• YES: Public; benefits from all features and services available before, during, and after the conference, as allowed by the conference organiser. You also become part of the open-access movement.
• NO: Private; benefits from the presentation software during the conference only. 

For any further concerns or questions about the privacy of the work that you submit to our platform, please do not hesitate to contact our team directly, using the chat widget on the bottom right corner.

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